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The Airedale Terrier, what a fantastic breed. At North Florida Airedales, we have been blessed to share the last 30 years with such wonderful animals. We are committed to producing outstanding family companions. Our foundation stock comes from the larger Oorang Airedales.

All of our Airedales Jezebel_3are registered through AKC. Males are typically in the 80-90 pound range and females 60-70 pounds. We place much emphasis on canine health. Our Airedales are fed a holistic grain free diet.

We strongly believe good nutrition is essential to canine good health. Females are typically 2-3 years old before being placed in our breeding program. This allows for a good level of physical and mental maturity and it makes for good mothers.

Pups are whelped indoors where we can monitor weight and control climate. Pups see the vet at 3-5 days for first exam and to have dewclaws removed and tails trimmed. We start supplemental feeding at about 3 weeks and pups are weaned by 5-6 weeks.

Mom and pups are kept separate from the general kennel population for sanitation and to protect pup health. Puppies receive plenty of handling from the day they are born until they leave us. This helps to make sure they are well socialized. Pups are examined by our vet and receive a veterinary certificate of health prior to leaving. In accordance with Florida law, pups must be 8 weeks or older before leaving.

The Airedale Terrier is a highly intelligent and curious canine. While they make excellent family companions they may not be right for inexperienced dog owners. They require a moderate level of skill to train properly and can be quite manipulative of the new dog owner. If you lack skills necessary to provide basic obedience training, then consider the need for training classes.

Pups require plenty of exercise and do well with another dog and plenty of people interaction. We do not recommend taking puppies to dog parks, etc. until they have developed sufficient resistance to the pathogens they will encounter there. As a new pup owner you need to be able to commit 3-4 hours daily to play and training. Less and you will not see the full potential of your Airedale.

Airedales do not shed heavily but they do need regular coat maintenance. Typically, Airedales used for show are hand stripped. This is labor intensive and usually not done for non-show dogs. You can maintain a crisp appearance and promote good coat health by brushing once a week with a good quality stripping comb and regular brushing other times. With a good weekly grooming procedure, you can expect to provide 2-3 haircuts per year. A good diet is essential to coat and skin health.

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